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Our Approach

Customized. Diversified. Tax efficient.

At Nigido Mullin, we believe there is no one portfolio that meets all investors’ goals.

A woman in her 70s talks with her husband over the family computer

For this reason, we work to develop personalized, diversified portfolios for each of our clients, reflective of your:

  • Unique financial goals
  • Desired risk exposure
  • Cash flow needs and
  • Timelines

Our investment management process is thorough and includes a detailed assessment, research and strategy development and ongoing management.

Our guiding philosophy can be summed up in two key principles—performance and balance. Equipped with custom analysis and research, we work to balance your portfolio with stocks, bonds and fixed income securities—with appropriate timely adjustments—to meet your specific short-term, mid-term and long-term objectives for income, growth, asset protection, liquidity, tax protection, and diversification.

We also take an independent and proactive management approach to evaluate and monitor global markets, interest rates, fiscal policies and geopolitical factors when managing our portfolios to help you maximize wealth for the long-term.

Ultimately, our portfolios are designed to consistently capture higher than average returns on a tax-efficient basis.